Saturday, May 12, 2012

Steve, Marisa and Isaac in Prague

Prague was really cute and walkable.  There were narrow, cobblestone streets everywhere and a great, well-preserved palace complex from it's former life as a part of the Austro-Hungarian empire.
From Europe Trip 2012. Prague.
From Europe Trip 2012. We don't take too many pictures of the unhappy moments, but this gives a little bit of a sense of the many moods of a baby on a 5 hour train ride.
From Europe Trip 2012. Izzy was being adorable on my shoulders and about 10 people walked by and oggled him.
From Europe Trip 2012. Baby giggles at a park in Prague.
From Europe Trip 2012. Loved the art in Prague!

There were also some really old churches and synagogues, e.g. ~1100-1400. It was a contrast to Vienna and most other cities we've been to in Europe where the churches are a bit newer and more structurally complicated and advanced.
From Europe Trip 2012. Spanish synagogue.

Izzy got really good at gnawing on whole fruit via the in-season strawberries we saw everywhere in Prague and elsewhere in Europe. 
From Europe Trip 2012

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